All Ages

The doctors and staff of Atlantic Foot & Ankle treat feet and ankles of all ages, from infants to geriatrics.

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Sports Injuries

Injures to the foot and ankle are common among athletes. Trust the treatment of these complicated areas to the experts.

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Atlantic Foot & Ankle Specialists uses the most cutting edge technology and treatments to offer the best conservative treatment options.

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Five Podiatrists

With over 40 years combined experience, Atlantic Foot & Ankle has the highest rated Podiatrists in the area.

Heel Pain

Our Free Book "The Answer to Your Heel Pain" explains many common causes of foot pain and treatment options.


Our doctors wrote "Diabetes and Your Feet" to help education and enrich the lives of individuals living with diabetes.


Laser Therapy can painlessly eliminate toenail fungus and warts!

"My husband and I decided to walk on the beach on a Sunday in March, by the time we got home, I could not walk correctly. I was in tremendous pain. I made an appointment with Dr. Robitaille and the diagnosis was that the tendon was pulling away from the bone on my second toe. She said that a shot was not necessary and that she wanted me to have this "new" type of treatment using "Radio Waves". I had three consecutive weeks of having this treatment and one week off, I probably had approximately 15 treatments. Finally in October I put a pair of regular flat shoes on and I was not in pain. Of course I have my orthotics in my sneakers and I now can start walking on a regular basis with no pain. I can't say enough about this seems that all the other doctors want to do is operate and that word is not in my vocabulary. It always is a pleasure going to Dr. Robitaille's office in Hardeeville for my treatments....the staff (Demon, Jamie and Shannon) always take the time to put me at ease and find out how my week went. That is half the battle.....Before retiring, I had a job similar to Jamie's –greeting all the clients and making them feel welcomed......and she does that....above and beyond.....I think that is what I am going to miss most –Since I won't be coming by for any appointments, I guess I will just have to stop and say hello from time to time. In conclusion, the staff and doctors do a great job, far beyond my expectations." - Norma Armstrong Bluffton, SC